Battery comparison Between iPhone 6s and iPhone SE

It is interesting when Apple announced iPhone 6s. When iPhone is well known as a small-sized screen smartphone, this model breaks the history by giving 4.7-inch display. Consequently this large display requires big power source, 1715mAH battery. iPhone SE was released in 2016 bringing same specification with iPhone 6s but with smaller body – identical […]

Battery Comparison Between iPhone 6s VS iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is premium smartphone from Apple which has high-rated specification. However, iPhone 6s as its predecessor still has power to attract the market when iPhone 7 is not affordable. Here we will see the battery comparison between iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7. This comparison seems to be fair since the iPhone 6s is still […]

iPhone 6s VS iPhone 6s Plus Battery Comparison

It is interesting when Apple announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This company commonly announces one model only for its iPhone. But, here there is a “Plus” series addition to indicate that this version also has plus specification. Simply, iPhone 6s Plus is bigger version of iPhone 6s with better specification and larger display. […]

Some iPhone 6s Charging Tips That You Need To Know

iphone 6s charging tips

If there is one thing that you should learn about using your iPhone 6s smartphone, then that would be knowing some iphone 6s charging tips. It actually has been an issue that battery life in smartphone can be very weak. You have just charged your smartphone for one and a half hour, but then it runs […]

Tips to Save Battery on iPhone 6s to Make Durable

tips to save battery on iphone 6s

Knowing some tips to save battery on iPhone 6s is very important for anyone who has iPhone 6s right now. iPhone has been one of the hottest smartphone that everyone will fall in love with. Its technology, camera quality, and even the nature design of the hardware are just awesome and incredible. That is why, it is […]

iPhone 6s Photography Tips

iPhone 6s photography tips

iPhone 6s photography tips are available on various kinds. You can use those tips in order to get the best performance of the camera apps on your smart phone. Talking about the camera, sometimes people will think that it is too heavy app and nothing to do with it. They will feel confused how to […]

Easy iPhone 6s Battery Saving Tips For Beginner

iphone 6s battery saving tips

You need to consider some iPhone 6s battery saving tips if you want to keep the battery life in its best performance. You can start saving the battery while you are using the iPhone. Easy things iPhone 6s Battery Saving Tips There are several things you can do to minimalize the use of your iPhone’s battery power. […]

Hidden iPhone 6 Tips You Must Know

iphone 6 tips

There are several hidden iphone 6 tips you must know. In fact there are always the tricks that are not written in its manual. The security tricks In fact iPhone 6 has advanced security system. There are several hidden security features you must know. The accessibility features Do you have any kids who might play […]