Some iPhone 6s Charging Tips That You Need To Know

If there is one thing that you should learn about using your iPhone 6s smartphone, then that would be knowing some iphone 6s charging tips. It actually has been an issue that battery life in smartphone can be very weak. You have just charged your smartphone for one and a half hour, but then it runs low of the battery in the next two hours. Is that very annoying? In fact, it is. That is why, it is not the matter of how long you have charged your smartphone.

iphone 6s charging tips

It is more about how to set your device to be in a battery-effective mode. In fact, there are a lot of people who think that running low on the battery is mainly caused by the battery breakdown. That is not true. All you need to do is knowing how you set your smartphone setting in a right way. That is why, here is some iphone 6s charging tips that you might need to know. Hopefully, it can make the best use of your iPhone 6s from now.

iPhone 6s Charging Tips and Tricks

Fetch Your Email Setting For A More-Efficient Battery Use

The first thing that you have to do make sure that you can maintain a long battery life for your iPhone 6s is knowing your email setting. It has been a common knowledge that email setting has been one of the reason why a smartphone battery life can last shorter than it should be. Push email is an email setting which will notify you anytime when new emails come in your mailbox. The problem is that it takes an internet update anytime and it will make your iPhone 6s run low of battery faster. That is why, it will be better if you fet your email setting for every 10 or fifteen minutes. This will help you to save more energies for your iPhone. Al you need tio do is going to “mails”, then “contacts and calendars”, an sleect “fetch new data”.

Check The Smartphone Signal

The next thing that you can do to make your iPhone 6s battery last longer is checking your smartphone signal. It happens with many people. In fact, if you are not living in an area with LTE coverage, then it will be so much better if you switch your signal setting to 3G. This is beneficial since it will prevent the LTE radio from making your iPhone 6 run low on the battery. In short, this will make your iPhone more energy-effective. In order to switch to the 3G setting, you just need to go to “settings”, then “general”, then “cellular/mobile”, then turn of the “enable LTE”.

Low Power Mode : An Effective Way To Save Your Battery Life

The last thing that you can do to make your iPhone 6s battery last longer is switching to the low power mode. This mode will help you to turn of the application refresh, mail fetch, and even some visual effect so that the battery can last longer. This power mode is very useful for you who need to make sure that your smartphone can still work until you find an energy source. That is some iphone 6s charging tips that you might need to know.

Tips to Save Battery on iPhone 6s to Make Durable

Knowing some tips to save battery on iPhone 6s is very important for anyone who has iPhone 6s right now. iPhone has been one of the hottest smartphone that everyone will fall in love with. Its technology, camera quality, and even the nature design of the hardware are just awesome and incredible. That is why, it is not that surprising to know that this smartphone has already gathered a lot of followers since the first time it is invented.

However, there is nothing perfect in this world, including iPhone 6s. If you have been a huge fan of iPhone, then you must know what the problem is all about. It has been a quite popular problem that the iPhone battery can be so weak. After being charged for some hours, it can easily run low on the battery. This problem has been haunting many people since then. However, it does not mean that you cannot deal with this problem. Here is some tips to save battery on iphone 6s that you can apply to save your iPhone 6s battery life.

tips to save battery on iphone 6s

Each Tips to Save Battery on iPhone 6s

Switch To The Low Power Mode For Emergency

The first and most important thing that you can do to save your iPhone 6s battery life is switching to low power when you do not need your smartphone. For example, when you are going to sleep or on a trip, then it will be so much better, and energy-efficient, that you switch your iPhone power mode to the low power mode. It is also simple to switch the power mode to this one. You just need to go to the “setting”, then select “battery”, and then select low power mode”. This mode will help you to turn off some unnecessary features, such as push emails and apps refresh.

Turn Off The Dynamic Wallpapers

The next thing that you can also do to save your iPhone 6s battery life is turning off the dynamic wallpapers. In the newest version of the iPhone 6s, dynamic wallpaper is one of the feature that make it look so attractive. Even though the producer of the iPhone has ensured that this feature will only use the minimum power to make it work. However, this feature is still one of the problem that make an iPhone 6 battery life last shorter that it should be. That is why, it will be better if you use a simple picture for your wallpaper.

Turning Off The Background Applications Refresh

The last important thing that you can do to make sure that you can make your iPhone 6s battery life last longer than it should be is turning off the background applications refresh. The iPhone 6s has a feature which allows each apps in the background to update themselves when there is the newest version of the app. Even though this feature of highly helpful, it has taken a lot of energies from your iPhone 6s battery. That is some tips to save battery on iphone 6s and hopefully you find it useful.

iPhone 6s Photography Tips

iPhone 6s photography tips are available on various kinds. You can use those tips in order to get the best performance of the camera apps on your smart phone. Talking about the camera, sometimes people will think that it is too heavy app and nothing to do with it. They will feel confused how to bring the easy touch for their camera. So, there will be great results with all pictures they take.

By using iPhone 6s, you will bring the great results of all photos you take. This smart phone is completed by great touch that will make you feel satisfied with it. There are also some guides for you to operate camera apps.

iPhone 6s photography tips

Do you want to know those guides? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about them. Let’s check reading below and find your best information about iPhone 6s photography tips!

iPhone 6s Photography Tips For Beginner

  • Keep Your Lens Clean

First of all, you have to keep your lens clean as well. You have to wipe your lens whenever you want to take a photo. As we know that the lens is tiny. So, you need to clean it in order to maintain the sharpness. You also have to know that finger print can soften the image and also lower the contrast.

There is also actual smudge that will diffuse the image to the total failure point. You can use tissue, T- shirt, or whatever that is handy for you. Besides that, you have to choose micro fiber. You can keep it on your iPhone in order to protect the pocket book from scratches. It will also help you to keep the lens smudge and free from scratch.

  • Be Touchy

The second tip for you is for being touchy. As we know, iPhone is completed by auto exposure and auto focus. But, sometimes it can be fooled too. How to operate it? Well, you can compose the image first and tap the subject of photo you want to edit. When the focus and exposure lock, you can drag your fingers down and up in order to adjust the exposure. This tip will be very perfect for backlit subjects. This tip will be very handy especially when you spend times in the beach.

  • Shoot Standard and Avoid Flash

Next, you have to know that you use standard setting. Don’t use HDR mode. It will be better for you to only adjust the image later in post processing. For your information, the standard mode is about 4:3 ratio. It will give you the standard image. If you want to upload the photo in Insta, you can consider shooting with square mode.

This condition will save your photo and crop it later. You can set it perfectly and get the perfect time to capture. Well, you will be very satisfied with the result. Last, you have to avoid flash except the situation is really dark. The flash off mode will give you very natural result. Finally, those are all some reports about iPhone 6s photography tips.

Easy iPhone 6s Battery Saving Tips For Beginner

You need to consider some iPhone 6s battery saving tips if you want to keep the battery life in its best performance. You can start saving the battery while you are using the iPhone.

Easy things iPhone 6s Battery Saving Tips

There are several things you can do to minimalize the use of your iPhone’s battery power. First, turn off the applications that are not being used. Don’t juts minimize the application, you have to close the applications that are not being used. You can also turn off the notifications of the social media applications. It will save a lot of battery. Just go to ‘Setting’ and then tap twice when the ‘Notification’ still on to turn off.

iphone 6s battery saving tips

Second, you have to avoid animation. You do not need 3D effect for the background. Instead of using 3D effect wallpaper, you can apply the static pictures for the wallpaper. How to change? You just need to go to ‘Setting’ and click the ‘Wallpaper and Brightness’. Just turn on the ‘Reduce Motion’. You can also reduce the brightness of the display. It is one of the easiest iphone 6s battery saving tips that you can do anytime.

Third, you need to keep your iPhone getting good signal. The strong signal will make your iPhone stable. Stable and strong signal will help the iPhone work less harder and use less battery power. At the same time, you can also access your email manually instead of using the email application. It means you turn off one application that is most active.

Take care of the iPhone battery well

Besides using the power of the iPhone battery well, you also have to take care of the iPhone battery well. First, charge it right. You have to always make sure that you never your iPhone being charge for too long. Always unplug the cable when it is about 90% full. You don’t even have to wait until the battery fully charged. At the same time, you have to always consider the right charger adapter, cable and connector. You should never use any non genuine charger part. It will gradually damage the cell of your iPhone battery.

Second, keep the temperature down. You have to keep the temperature of your iPhone in average room temperature. It is pretty easy, just never leave in some hot places like in your parked car. You also cannot use the iPhone for 24 hours. Stop using it to watch videos or play any game too much. It is one of the best iPhone 6s battery saving tips.

Hidden iPhone 6 Tips You Must Know

There are several hidden iphone 6 tips you must know. In fact there are always the tricks that are not written in its manual.

The security tricks

In fact iPhone 6 has advanced security system. There are several hidden security features you must know.

  • The accessibility features

iphone 6 tipsDo you have any kids who might play with your iPhone 6? There can be a possibility of your important data getting accidentally deleted. Just activate the ‘Accessibility feature’ and worry no more. To turn on this feature, you have to click the ‘General’ tab. Then you click ‘Accessibility’ and enable the ‘Guided Access’ feature. It will prevent any of your data from accidentally getting deleted.

  • Longer pass-code

It is one of the best security features of iPhone is that the iPhone 6 has great security feature that allows you to have longer pass code with more complicated combination of alpha numeric code. However, most iPhone 6 owners do not know how to activate this feature and let their iPhone 6 be secured by the minimal pass code combination. To activate the feature, you need to go to ‘Settings’, the click on the ‘General’. Before typing the new code on the ‘Passcode Lock’, you first have to disable the ‘Simple Passcode’ default mode. It is one of the most important security iphone 6 tips you must know.

The using Siri and camera tips

You must be familiar with Siri, but do you really know how to maximally use Siri? There several tricks you must know.

  • Make it pronounce any words you want

Siri is actually the feature of iOS 7 and even iOS 8 software. It is the personal assistant and the navigator of your phone. However, Siri sometimes has trouble in pronouncing certain words or interpreting your words. You ca fix it. You just need to say “that is not how you pronounce” after Siri has just pronounced the words. Then, you have to respond Siri to replace the wrong words.

  • Use it as the main entertainment platform

You can use Siri as your true personal assistant to get you updated about any entertainment news like sport or the movie schedule and even tell you about some places you want to visit. You just have to set its geographical setting to enable ‘Local Services’ features and activate the GPS features.

  • Communicate with Siri well

By activating Siri, it means you are building a verbal communication with your iPhone. You need to replicate the real word and communicate with your iPhone as an assistant. Just say “Yes” to confirm the program in your iPhone.

  • Take a series of image at once

The iPhone 6 comes with excellent camera features. Have you ever tried to hold down the ‘Capture’ button when taking picture? It will help you taking image simultaneously. It will make you able to capture several pictures at once. You will definitely get the best shot, especially when you are taking the picture of moving object. Just consider it as the iphone 6 tips to take perfect picture.